Elizabeth jones



Thank you for visiting! My Name is Elizabeth Jones McChesney and I am an artist, photographer, and art educator. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Degree in Visual Art Studies (fancy for art education). I currently reside in Houston, TX but you will often find me in Austin, TX. I work full time as a retail manager, event coordinator and photographer at Thompson + Hanson. On the side, I am a freelance photographer and artist.

This is my portfolio / creative journal / procrastination station so feel free to stay a while.

10 things about me:

  1. I enjoy pretty spaces and friendly faces

  2. I love cooking

  3. I love talking to strangers

  4. I love plane rides with good books

  5. I drink my coffee black

  6. I am always up for an adventure

  7. I can't do fake accents (or any accent for that matter)

  8. You've Got Mail" is my favorite movie

  9. Central Market is my happy place

  10. "Be Kind Today" is my daily quote

You can contact me at elizabethmcchesney10@gmail.com