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Studio Happy Wall 2015

Thanksgiving break (or "the Christmas break teaser trailer" as we call it at my house ) is over and finals are upon us. This calls for some good ole procrastination, right? Glad you're with me. 

  1. First thing on my list of things to see when I get back in Houston for Winter Break: Rothko.
  2. Next on my list: Coltivare
  3. Waiting very impatiently for Emma Brooks and Chelsea Jones to launch their new business Hands On Everyday! They released an introduction video teaser on their instagram and I'm all about it.
  4. Really love this jewelry made by the sister of a friend of mine. 
  5. This TED radio hour on the source of creativity is very interesting.
  6. I'm really itching to go exploring and hiking in Arizona or Utah or Colorado. These are blog posts from my good friend's recent trips with her husband and dog. I shared them with about everyone over thanksgiving break because my family is wanting to go too!
  7. Everything on this Madewell gift guide
  8. Found this good looking Turkey Posole just a little too late...we already ate all the leftovers.
  9. I'm thinking of getting these for my brothers for Christmas because heck, they are so cool! 
  10. Pope Francis can rap.