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Film cacti photo because though it is December, it's 70 degrees out in good ole Texas.

To Watch + Listen + Read

Super pumped that it is almost winter break and I can enjoy some books, movies and music with family and friends. These are a few things I've been watching,  listening to, and reading:

  1. Even after being a little sick after a long tour, the Oh Hello's still sound so good.
  2. Two of my favorite people in one music video.
  3. Wishing I could do the same... not in Texas though
  4. Jennifer Lawerence and Bradley Cooper are back.
  5. I'm super excited about the fourth volume of Trouvé
  6. Must see Saoirse Ronan in this.
  7. One week away from Star Wars comes out... This SNL video kinda cracks me up. 
  8. For some reason, my family loves to watch surfing movies... so there is no doubt that we will be watching this together.
  9. I'm a fan of finding random music and listening to it. This radio curates a playlist for every week and is super fun to listen to. 
  10. Started this book in the summer. Then, school happened. I'm looking forward to finishing it because it is so good.