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new york on film

It may have been 90 degrees outside in ATX today, but my head is in dreamy, snowy New York.

These are images from Nicole and I's last day of spring break in NY. We had so much fun running around this city together and here are a few of our favorites:

THINGS TO DO: Central Park Bike Tour (ask for Wolfgang as your guide!), The High Line (so fun to walk along) and the Brooklyn Bridge

PLACES TO EAT: Freeman's Restaurant (great food and ambiance and you get lost trying to find the alley it's down), Beauty and Essex restaurant (Pawn shop in front but literally served champagne in the restroom...), Jacob's Pickles (seriously so good... thanks Katie for taking me),  Serendipity 3 (emergherd the frozen hot chocolate!) and Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar (Nicole had a chocolate martini... like WUT.)

MUSEUMS TO VISIT: The Guggenheim was a dream come true. The MET was incredible. The Neue was great (saw some Klimt)

THINGS WE LEARNED: You can never eat too much chocolate. Going to the top of the empire state building at zero visibility is actually quite amusing (you really cant see much and you are freezing BUT there is no line and its hilarious to laugh at how insane you are). Shake Shack is really good. Make sure you smell your mittens before you buy them to check that they do not smell like the animal they came from. St. Patty's day in NY is scary. People are crazy (witnessed a girl light her scarf on fire instead of her cigarette. She was okay...) Don't try to take an Uber during rush hour. Tip subway singers if you take a photo or video of them. The Guggenheim is closed on thursdays (its not the security guard trying to joke with you).

and finally, traveling with a best friend is ALWAYS a good idea.