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carefree, arizona

Praise for Spring Break in a place called Carefree. It was just what the doctor ordered... calm, cool and collected. We hiked, played tennis, swam in the pool, visited some local art exhibitions, and ate great food. I finally finished a book I'd been reading since the beginning of the fall, got a little tan, and reclaimed my place on the tennis court (just kidding... my little brothers beat me).

A week later and it feels like two months ago because student teaching and graduation responsibilities really kicked in again. But, editing and posting these gems is like medicine again. Aka why I am choosing this over lesson planning on Easter weekend... oops.

 Also, before going to Arizona I knew I loved Cacti, but this trip confirmed my obsession... 

And then... we went on this hilarious Hummer tour in the Table Mesa (yes "Table Table") area about 30 minutes away from Carefree. Our guide knew everything about this area. He drove us on the old wagon trail, pointed out the rubbles of an old western mining town, and told us the legends of the lawlessness of the area. He even showed us a hidden water well that cowboys dug out way back when. And a well in the desert? Like what!?

He identified about every cactus we passed, taught me how to say Saguaro (S-WAR-O) correctly and showed us how to eat a Teddy Bear Cactus (burning off the spikes). Also two more interesting facts about Saguaro cacti: these cacti are considered trees and it takes about 95 years for it to start to grow Its FIRST arm. 

This guy was pretty legit as was his hummer that we drove down the highway at 75 mph (I got windburn on my face and it took me a solid 30 minutes to brush out my hair).

All and all, we all agreed that it was a highlight of the trip. 

More knots in my hair and stories in my heart
— Taylor Tippett

Lastly, what a way to be blown away by God's glory in a painted sky sunset every night. Cures the heart of stress and anxiety with one glimpse.