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Seventh Flag Coffee

Seventh Flag Coffee

Too Many Tabs Open

At this point, between applying for jobs and procrastination, I have WAY too many tabs open on my browser. In all honesty, I haven't even gotten to reading/ listening to half the things on this list so I compiled it for my own reference...  Here's the latest: 

  1. Loving the idea in the MET's current show called "Unfinished" 

  2. Pretty Notebooks that support art education classrooms? I'm in. 

  3. A drawing of Every Person in New York

  4. This French artist based in Berlin's aesthetic is spot on.

  5. Becky Murphy on Sounds Good with Branden Harvey. I really needed the "Follow your enthusiasms" advice!   

  6. 10 TED talks I've been wanting to watch about teaching.

  7. Lumineers new album out on Friday! Music video is so charming.

  8. To Preorder: The Great Discontent. 

  9. Is it possible to have creative angst because you feel like you have no time to work? YUP. Trying to take some advice from these survivors. 

  10. In Anxious Anticipation. I can relate all too well these days. 

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