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houston color wall

I kicked off summer awhile back with a colorful photo adventure to the Sugar and Cloth Color wall in Houston, TX with my friend Abbi Hearne. We met while in Art school where we endured some very interesting art classes with together (I'm looking at you Video Art...) and I'm so grateful we have remained good friends post-college.

She is extremely talented photographer currently living in the woodlands with her husband, Callen, and their pup, Charlie. I really admire their adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors. I'm constantly jealous of their incredible trips to all over the states but especially of their visits to their favorite two places: Moab and Yosemite. 

Anyways, living in separate cities, we do not get to hang out often so when I was visiting Houston, we planned a quick photo trip. We grabbed lunch, talked about the challenges of living a creative life and shared some stories from the past year. I'm grateful for friends that encourage me to pursue my creative goals and are always up for a little adventure!


Photos of me taken by Abbi Hearne: