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breckenridge, colorado

Looking back on summer and dreaming of winter weather as I post these images from our Colorado hiking trip in June.

The "chilly" weather has finally motivated me post these images from Grant and I's Colorado trip! We stayed in Breckinridge, CO with his parents and found many opportunities to hike around. Our first hike was a 5 hour trek up Mohawk Lakes Trail. Though it rained the entire way down the mountain, it was well worth our visit. 

Hike 1: Mohawk Lakes Trail

When boyfriend thinks he's funny and pretends he sees a creature in the cabin... 

Disclaimer: Grant was the self-designated pack mule. He was the sweetest and wanted to carry for all our water, food and rainjackets for the group. 


Zoey came along for a quick hike up from the gondola in Breck.

Hike 2: Quandary peak

In a mere eight hours, I hiked my first fourteen thousand foot mountain! We woke up early and started out the climb around 7. It began to blizzard at the top of the mountain so unfortunately we did not get to see the view at the very top. However, the fog and clouds were extremely beautiful and helped ease the slight disappointment at the top. 


Coming from Texas, it felt a little bizarre to find myself 14 thousand feet in the air, on a small peak in a blizzard!

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