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texas french bread

I've loved Texas French Bread ever since my freshman year of college at the University of Texas at Austin when my friend and I passed it while on a walk. We remarked how cute it was, then wandered in a little later for dinner that same evening.

Since that meal I have dined, studied, and picked up coffee here countless times. I've celebrated life events with family and have caught up with close friends. It has fueled me through many long art critiques and early teaching mornings with solid coffee and delicious cookies. There was even this one time I lived on the same street as TFB... good times let me tell you! You could find my roommates and I here for brunch most every weekend of our last year of College. Needless to say, TFB was a staple in my college diet! 

This family owned restaurant remains one of my very favorite places to sit still, be present and take in life. The food here is fresh and real - just like the people. From fresh plants to pleasant tunes, this place has good taste all around. Its environment is elegant, classy and humble... a perfect combination of France + Texas if you ask me!

If you live or ever go to Austin, I recommend this as a perfect spot for coffee dates, long meals, casual happy hours and date nights. It will not disappoint!

Through I live in Houston now, I made a special stop here last weekend for lunch. I absolutely loved seeing the fresh paint on this old soul and had to take some photos. I hope you enjoy these photos  & go pay TFB a visit for me. 

Thanks for all the good living, TFB!