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los angeles

Despite the heavy traffic, expressive drivers and lack of left turn signals, we fell in love with Los Angeles over the three days we were there! Maybe it was the variety of life there. Maybe it was the incredible food and views. Maybe it was because I accidentally snuck into an art museum (oops!). Maybe it was that you could go hiking in the same day you could sprawl on the beach. Maybe it was the fact that Grant rented a convertible and as we sped down the Pacific Coast Highway, all of our worries flitted away. Whatever it was, it was AWESOME. 

Now I must warn you before you scroll... I took a lot of pictures. The lag time in uploading them to my  blog is evidence of this. I loved so many pictures I took on this trip and tried not to overload you, but I apologize in advance if I do! 

DAY 1: Downtown LA

Unfortunately, Grant had to work (reason for coming to LA) on our first morning in LA, but I wasted no time. I ventured towards Downtown Los Angeles to my first stop: Republique. It was just as stunning and delicious as I expected it to be!  


The Broad

After Republique, I headed to the new contemporary art museum in DTLA, The Broad. This place had an incredible collection and beautiful architecture! I would highly recommend! NOTE: The museum is free and very popular so unless you are planning on accidentally sneaking in via camouflaging into a photography student tour group (don't look at me... it truly was a happy accident), make reservations in advance! 

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Steps away from The Broad was the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It was impressive in person. I enjoyed walking around and noticing the changes in light reflections. The infamous blue sky with no clouds was a perfect compliment to the building.

The Last Book Store

From the concert hall, I took a 10 minute walk to The Last Book Store. Very cool place to wonder around looking at books and vinyls while listening to music personalized by the DJ in charge of the plants. 

The Griffith Observatory

WOW! This place was beautiful and charming! It was crowded with many visitors and we had to wait to find a parking spot but definitely recommend. I spent some time pretending that I was Emma Stone and in LALALand then we found a quiet corner to hang out and enjoy the LA sunset and downtown skyline. 

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The last stop of the day was the LACMA. We enjoyed roaming the exhibits and played a bit in the installation by Christ Burton called Urban Light before heading to dinner.