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Annnndddd.... I'm back with LA post numero dos. As work and life has completely overwhelmed me in the past few months, I have left this draft sitting for a long time. I'm returning to it now with only 10 days left of my first year of teaching and summer in SIGHT! These summer vibes have me dreaming of the hikes, drinks, walks, and drives we enjoyed on the coast back in January (wow). I'll settle for living through these photos for now. Hope you enjoy!

Morning hike in Topanga Canyon

Sunday Morning kicked off with a nice long hike in Topanga Canyon (If you zoom in on the photo of the rock below, you'll notice that those specks towards the top of the rock are people). We drove over to the Malibu Pier Cafe for lunch. Good but very crowded and wished we could have gone on a weekday. The views and the walk down the beach after were worth the trip.

Pacific Coast Highway

If you know me, you know that I find many excuses to roll the windows down on a drive. When Grant pulled up to the airport with a convertible I knew this was going to be one heck of a weekend! We spent Monday cruising down Route 1 smiling big and singing loud (something I've always dreamed of doing). We made stops at Sandstone Point, the tallest point in Malibu, as well as El Matador Beach, my favorite.  Soon after, we headed back to the airport and jumped on our planes (tear).