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marfa, tx

One LONG drive later (stretches pictured above), we arrived in Marfa, TX at the our first stop: The Chinati Foundation. Coming here was a Donald Judd lover's dream come true. Wide- open desert with minimalist artwork? YES, PLEASE.

When we stepped out of the car and looked around, My boyfriend was underwhelmed at the place to say the least. He probably thought I was a bit quirky to want to drive 8 hours to come see the display of concrete blocks sitting in the distant dry desert. Once we trekked down to the artworks, however, I informed him he could touch, walk and even play on the artwork. Right away he's running around doing pull-ups on the Judd's like a kid on a playground. And I quote, "This is the best art exhibit ever!" 

Thus began our Marfa, TX adventure! 

We went to: Chinati Foundation, Prada Store, Paisano Hotel

Advice: Do not go during the major spring break week in March. Surprisingly, the small town was crowded with families and young kids. As well, plan to go on a Thursday- Sunday because many stores and restaurants are closed during the week. There were many places that I am hoping to go back to on a future visit.